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Whilst I have always had an interest in Art, I came to it more seriously later in life. Having spent thirty years in the NHS as a clinician and in management, the time had come to pursue my creative interests.


Initially enrolling at Malvern School of Art for their Fine Art and Contemporary Craft degree programme,  I went on to study for my BA (Hons) Fine Art at Hereford College of Art. I was lucky enough to be given the Sidney Nolan Trust Award on graduation and a residency at The Rodd in 2021. I returned to Hereford College of Arts for my MA in Fine Art at the end of that same year.

My Fine Art practice has been developing in new ways. My work still has a narrative to it, although this is now more concerned with inter-human relationships, sometimes informed by my NHS or personal experiences. Much of my work is now 3D.

Their is also an illustrative side of my work which is quite different and created in a less introspected and more instinctive way. It is made purely because it's what I love to do! It is created in what has become known to family and friends as the Midnight twilight world where the imagination has free reign long into the night creating miniature Shrines and fantastical creatures that take flight from my brushes and papers. A joyful process of creation that gives me and hopefully others great pleasure. 

DSC_0017 (3).JPG

Monument 2020

bronze, acrylic

dimensions: variable

Alana's photo 5 (2).JPG

Cold Light of Day 2020

porcelain paper clay, card and board

dimensions: variable

IG lightened.jpg

Cold Light of Day 2020

(work in progress)

porcelain paper clay

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