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Welcome to the Midnight Studio!

A place where tigers have crowns and rabbits fly through the night with the owls....

.....pull up a chair and enter a world of imagination.  

Fantastical animals in other worldly scenes are mostly painted on wood or board with collaged elements and embellished with some textile fragments and pieces of lost treasure. Some have small porcelain flowers or stars.

These creatures often take the form of miniature Shrines, inviting a moment of distraction and something joyful on which to focus.

Other larger illustrations are in watercolours on quality papers.

I usually work well into the night with my ever present feline assistants to hand. I find the night a magical time when I can lose myself in the creating and dream up all sorts of fantastical animals in worlds well away from our own.

Much of the work on this page is now sold but there are a few pieces still available and new pieces coming on all the time so please do DM me @rae.stevens1 or drop me an email

if you're interested in a particular piece or in commissioning something specific.


Many thanks, Rae 

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